What we offer?


Professional growth. Skills development. Rewarding culture.

Are you ready for the opportunity to create world-leading technological solutions? Lead a team of innovators and changemakers? Or support the efficiency of a global giant?
Joining Prysmian is your next step.
We’re always looking for outstanding candidates ready to change the face of the industry with us. If you want to work for a market leader with international opportunities, challenging projects and an exciting work environment, you could be the perfect fit.
Our Process

Your growth at Prysmian

We believe you get the best performance from people who are treated well. So at Prysmian, we take this approach all the way from the hiring process to promotion, developing all our employees holistically.
Sharing knowledge is the key to developing close-knit teams and encouraging innovation. We have a number of training programmes and development schemes to empower all of our people with the knowledge and skills they need to thrive.

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Joining Prysmian

We hire people from all walks of life – from graduates, to executives. And no matter your role, we’ve developed global programmes which deliver the best education and training. So we can support all our employees, and all our teams, to help you grow.

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Welcome to the team

We want you to feel a sense of belonging when you join Prysmian. Our induction process is grounded in company history, culture and an introduction to our values, so every employee has a great experience. We also offer job rotations, giving you a taster of the full Prysmian life.

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Your performance, talent and development

Feedback and support are an essential part of professional growth. We keep an open dialogue with all employees so that, together, we can identify, support and recognise performance. We have focused development paths and training for people in different roles across the organisation.


We built the Internal Global Academy to support our people, so everyone can stay at the cutting-edge of expertise – no matter their specialism. Together, we keep Prysmian at the forefront of industry innovation.

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Your reward and benefits

We’re proud to offer competitive salaries at Prysmian. But we don’t stop there. We also offer a series of innovative benefits packages and incentives to boost your remuneration. It’s just one more way we add value to our employees’ lives, and a benefit which sets Prysmian apart from other organisations in the industry.