Sustainable Production

Türk Prysmian prioritizes quality and innovation at every stage of production; it strives to develop products and processes that protect natural resources and minimize environmental impact. Our company uses the latest cable technologies that will produce beneficial results for the society and consumers, while trying to fully respond to the needs of its customers.

In this context, Türk Prysmian, which increases the consumption of renewable energy resources while reducing the consumption of natural resources such as energy, water and air, takes care to create safe environments in terms of occupational health and safety. In this direction, it does not prefer the use of unprocessed raw materials in production; it strives for the reuse of processed materials and their inclusion in the life cycle and to increase the reuse rate of wood raw materials.

Türk Prysmian, together with its most important asset, its employees, aims to minimize the social, environmental and economic impacts that may arise in all stages from the supply of raw materials used in production to the delivery of the product to the end consumer. Our company, using the latest technology of today, and without compromising innovation and quality, in line with its company mission “Linking Turkey to the Future” continue to work for determining the cable needs of the future.