Prysmian renews its corporate identity

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It crowned its sustainability vision with its new logo.

İSTANBUL - TURKEY   -   26/02/2024 - 09:42 AM

Prysmian, the leader of the worldwide energy and telecommunication cables industry, renewed its corporate identity. Prysmian's new logo, which is constantly advancing in the field of sustainability with its wide product range and innovative technologies, bears traces of the company's sustainability vision.

Prysmian, a pioneer in the energy and telecommunications cables industry, renewed its corporate identity as part of its new strategy "Connect, to Lead", presented at the Capital Markets Day held in Naples on October 5, 2023. Emphasizing its respect for corporate values and sustainability vision with its new logo, Prysmian combines the concepts of tradition and evolution with a contemporary and dynamic design.

Today, the discovery of production methods compatible with nature is of great importance in order to achieve the goal of leaving a livable world to future generations. Accordingly, Prysmian's new logo, which includes a circular form and the hidden letter 'p', dedicated to the concept of circular economy, clearly expresses its commitment to renewable energy with its gradient color from blue to green. The iconic logo, interpreted with a contemporary and dynamic design, connects the concepts of tradition and evolution. The slogan "The planet's pathways" embodies the role Prysmian aims to play in shaping a better future.

The group's new brand identity stems from a deep reflection of the company's aim to seize sustainable development opportunities for the planet and lead the energy transition and digital transformation by developing increasingly durable, high-performance, sustainable and innovative products, creating tangible value for its customers and the communities and areas in which the group operates.

''We adapted our image to the change in the sector''

Speaking about the new brand identities, Prysmian Investor Relations, Sustainability, and Communications Manager Maria Cristina Bifulco said, "With our new brand identity, we are making Prysmian's image suitable for the rapid change of the industrial sector we aim to lead. We also aim to reflect our green energy work and sustainability vision to every corner of the world."

“We will continue to be the pioneer of clean energy, zero carbon emissions, and digital transformation”

Stating that providing clean energy and information flow around the world is possible with the power of human creativity, Türk Prysmian Kablo CEO Ülkü Özcan said, “As Türk Prysmian Kablo, we aim to lead the rapidly changing dynamics of our industry with our new brand identity, and we aim to reflect our vision of green energy and sustainability in every corner of the world with our products that push the boundaries of electrification and digitalization. Our new logo and brand identity emphasize the sustainability principles that our company passionately embraces. As a company, we will continue to be the pioneer of clean energy, zero carbon emissions, and digital transformation, and we are one step closer to this goal with our new brand identity."