Our Vision

We want to assure innovative energy & telecommunication solutions through a responsible production by pursuing economic, environmental, and social sustainability for all stakeholders and the planet, in line with our mission “Linking Turkey to a Sustainable Future”.

We define our sustainability vision under four primary pillars.

Eliminating Footprint

We want to operate with using less resources, convert our energy use to renewables and hence neutralise our footprint. 

We do that by using energy and water more efficiently, consuming less of these inputs and switching to renewable energy when possible to decrease our footprint.

Circular Resource Use

We want to prevent depletion of natural resources and harming of the natural environment.

By using regenerative input (materials and water) for our production and using less, we make sure the materials and resources are kept in the lifecycle.

Enhancing Business Model

We want to engage with our stakeholders to deliver profitability and growth sustainably in all our operations.

By putting our stakeholder engagement as our priority, we work to develop sustainable, innovative, and progressive business models; making digitalization as an enabler and redefine market dynamics

Developing Employees and Society

We want to be able to attract the talented and new generation employee force, develop our skills in-house and have a sustainable labour force in order to maintain our leadership position.

While nourishing from our stakeholders' diversity and ideas, we work to be an aspired employee in the society and for our industry and to guarantee workplace safety.

We engage with local communities to ensure that the areas in which we operate are protected and nourished.

Did you know?

A television operating for an hour releases about 250 CO2 into the atmosphere.