Attention! All Cables Are Not The Same…

PPT results show that the Prysmian Group solutions, not only ensures you safe and higher performance but also allows you to work faster reducing the labour cost by up to 50%* and reducing the total cable cost by up to 12%*. The main advantages of the right cable decision are safety, performance and economic advantage.

Prysmian Performance Test

SAFETY: Throughout the lifecycle of the cables, they are required to ensure that the transmission function; is one-to-one associated with the quality of the materials used, the design and production technologies. By use of a cable is not correctly selected or manufactured outside the standards, such as losing its function in a short period of time, can cause electrical leakage and fire. Projects that increase the value and safety of cables are used in this context is an essential element.

PERFORMANCE: In case of, flame retardant cables, with the spread of flame around for cables is critical to keep to a minimum. However, low toxic smoke gas extracting feature prevents poisoning. Low smoke density and increasing the visibility of vital importance in order to facilitate the evacuation process. In addition, during a fire, fire alarm, emergency exit lighting, ventilation fan, fire, water pump, fire systems, such as lift cables used to carry on the function saves lives. According to research, the main cause of fire deaths (70%), smoke and gases resulting from the combustion of materials. On the effects of the spread of fire and smoke the best-known example of a fatal, resulting in the death of 17 people in 1996, Düsseldorf Airport fire disaster. cable installed in the trays burned and as a result of the combustion of electric cables, passengers have been exposed to the deadly toxic smoke. Therefore, in order to ensure the safety of life and property in case of fire high performance cables should be preferred.

EASE OF USE: To comply with construction standards and highperformance cables, as well as in case of fire, ease of use is also important. Cables during installation, create efficiency on labor and on-time advantage. Cable workmanship, comfortable stripping of the outer sheath vessels, filling materials over the cores does not remain within the cable during installation, installing cables easily through the pipes increases the efficiency of labor.


*It is based on the reports by independent bodies.