Power Cables

Power Cables That deliver

Prysmian energy cables allow us to meet and move for our social and business life. Above and below the ground, they transmit the necessary energy to rail systems, escalators and elevators, and will form the infrastructure of electric vehicle charging networks in the future.

Armoured cables are the ideal solution for any electric circuit that may be subject to physical damage.

In this context, armoured cables are most often used for fixed power installations in industrial applications, such as power distribution in a plantroom, where cables may be damaged by maintenance operations, for example.

Prysmian Group designs and manufactures a wide range of medium-voltage cables for the commercial, industrial and urban residential networks. Prysmian medium-voltage cables are made in Britain from start to finish from 6 kV up to and including 33 kV with quality in mind . You can be sure you have committed to a reliable solution and delivers peak performance.

Finding the right cable will no longer be a hassle with CableApp. CableApp is Prysmian’s efficient, easy-to-use cable size calculator that helps you select the right cables required for each type of installation.

CableApp has been specially created for electrical professionals to provide efficient and precise cable selection and hosts lots of useful advice and information. As well as performing as a cable size calculator, it also works out both energy costs and CO2 emissions, and is fully compliant with wiring regulations.