Türk Prysmian Kablo's Corporate Governance Rating Score increases to 95.52

Türk Prysmian Kablo, the Turkish operation of Prysmian Group that is the worldwide leader in the energy and telecommunication cables industry, continues to improve its corporate governance principles with its Rating Score, which has been on a continuous upward trend for the last 15 years.

İSTANBUL - TURKEY   -   25/12/2023 - 09:10 AM

Türk Prysmian Kablo, which adheres to Corporate Governance Principles in all its activities, increased its Corporate Governance Rating Score from 95.48 in 2022 to 95.52 in 2023. 

The 2023 Corporate Governance Rating Score was determined for Türk Prysmian Kablo, whose compliance with corporate governance principles is examined every year by the rating agencies authorized by the Capital Markets Board (CMB). In the study prepared by Saha Kurumsal Yönetim ve Kredi Derecelendirme Hizmetleri, Türk Prysmian Kablo's Corporate Governance Rating Score was updated to 95.52 out of 100.

Türk Prysmian Kablo, which has recorded a steady increase in its "Corporate Governance Rating" performance for 15 years since the first rating was made in 2009, continued to maintain its high rank in the Borsa Istanbul A.Ş. Corporate Governance Index this year with a score of 95.52.

The company received high marks in the four areas evaluated, such as 95.95 in the 'Shareholders' evaluation, 98.41 in the 'Public Disclosure and Transparency' evaluation, 98.14 in the 'Stakeholders' evaluation, and 92.03 in the 'Board of Directors' evaluation and demonstrated outstanding success. With the high marks it received, Türk Prysmian Kablo confirmed that it complies with the Capital Markets Board Corporate Governance Principles at a high level, that it has implemented all policies and measures, that the company's management and internal control mechanisms are effectively ensured, and that it identifies and actively manages corporate governance risks.

“We will continue our rise with our vision of commitment to corporate principles”

Stating that they were proud of increasing their corporate rating for 15 years, Türk Prysmian Kablo CEO Ülkü Özcan said the following about this success they achieved: “As Türk Prysmian Kablo, with our knowledge and experience, we direct cable connection and transmission technologies, the importance of which is increasing day by day in terms of sustainable development, and we lead our sector in the field of sustainability and cable technologies of the future. In addition, we have been subjecting ourselves to independent corporate governance rating studies since 2009, in line with the principles of 'transparency', 'accountability', 'responsibility', and 'fairness'. We are confident in this field and are happy to improve our score every year. With our vision of being a company that keeps customer satisfaction high and adds value to its shareholders, we improve our corporate culture and continue to contribute to the national economy while providing benefits to our stakeholders.”